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Unpaid No-Fault Claims?


No-Fault Arbitration Lawyer - Edward Blinder, Esq.

When fighting for what is right in the New York and New Jersey areas, no one fights more complex than the Law Firm of Edward Blinder, PLLC. We have dedicated our careers to superior legal service, efficiently dealing with No-Fault insurance collections for physicians, surgeons, physical therapists, chiropractors, and other various healthcare providers in NY and NJ.

Edward Blinder, Esq. is a No-Fault arbitration lawyer, and our boutique firm joins forces with medical offices to get their No-Fault medical bills paid to them by the insurance companies. We fight in court on your behalf, so you don’t have to, turning our years of experience into your triumphant victory. We understand that no two medical practices are alike, so we continuously provide individualized attention for more extensive and smaller practices. We are proud to offer custom-tailored services that are unattainable with larger firms.

Even though arbitration is the most affordable and powerful road to medical bill recovery, we specialize in litigation should the situation call for it. We’ve solved countless claims of all sizes, with our dedicated team doing No-Fault collections for unpaid medical supplies, surgical procedures, office visits, diagnostic testing, and other services that cater to the circumstances following car accidents.

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Contrary to popular belief, most successful cases do not come down to the attorney. While it’s essential to turn to an industry professional who puts your needs first, submitting adequate documentation is the main trigger for success. Even the most seasoned attorney stands a higher chance of losing a battle without sufficient documentation. When submitting your case to our No-Fault collection lawyer, it’s vital to equip us with as much documentation as possible, such as records from referring physicians, hospital records, ER records, and of course, all medical records and service bills.

The best way to get your hands on such documentation would be to consult the attorney dealing with the personal injury case for your patient. Once you’ve obtained everything required, here’s how it will work. We’ll submit your application for arbitration, making it abundantly clear that the treatment was 100% necessary for the patient. In a successful case, you should be able to recover all benefits quickly.

We’ll then hear the insurance company’s side, where they’ll fight to prove that medical treatment was unnecessary. No matter the evidence they claim, we will be allowed to dispute their claims through exposure to further proof. Our valued clients understand that they are our number one priority. We will never store submissions on unprotected shelves in an office. Our diligent team will process your submission with immediate action.

Furthermore, while we cannot promise victory (for legal reasons), we can most certainly promise you shall receive the world-class service and the individual attention you need to heighten your chances of success. Why not call us to see for yourself? Place your next case in our trustworthy hands, and let the results speak for themselves. If you are looking for a No-Fault collection lawyer known for top-quality service and impressive results, call Edward Blinder today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy
Diagnostic Testing
Diagnostic Testing
Surgical and Office Supplies
Surgical and Office Supplies
Hospitals / Surgery Center
Hospitals / Surgery Center

Client Testimonials

Many years ago, when we had a ton of no-fault work that was close to the statute of limitations, we spoke to Edward. He assured us everything would be timely filed; and so it was. Within about a week, he had all of our cases filed in court, and that trend has stayed in place for a long time now. Whether we needed cases in arbitration or litigation, Edward has been reliable, and has always gotten us good results. More importantly, he gives us great advice (free of charge) on how we could improve our collection efforts and business model. I look forward to working with Edward for years to come.

When Ed first sat down with our billing team and told us how we could improve our collections, I was skeptical. But after several years of working with him, I can say with complete certainty that he has made a huge difference in the efficiency with which we are able to get paid. On top of that, our staff loves him because he helps make their job easier. Questions about how to handle annoying verification requests: Just call Ed. Questions on best way to document medical necessity: Just call Ed. No idea how to deal with a particular claim… Just call Ed. It’s been a real pleasure working with Edward Blinder for the past few years. I just wish it would have happened sooner.

I’ve been treating no-fault patients for longer than I can remember. Until recently, I was sending all my work to litigation, and waiting years to see my money. Edward showed me the light. I trust him with my litigation and arbitration, and both are as successful as any attorney I have ever used. On top of that, he doesn’t charge me outrageous fees for collecting what is rightfully mine. It’s been a pleasure working with him for both myself and my staff.

I found out about Edward through a post-card in the mail. I still can’t believe how that postcard changed my business. Mr. Blinder allows me to treat patients until they are ready to be released, not until the insurance company decides it doesn’t want to pay for further treatment. We send him denied bills, and he, sometimes within a few weeks, returns to us with checks for a majority of the balance.

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